Leveraging Technology

When you work with Ultimate labs you can leverage our investment in the latest technology and personnel. Our financial commitment to staffing and equipment maintenance and improvements ensures accuracy, quality and efficiency. Here are some improvements we’ve made from listening to industry needs and client requests:

  • Biomerieux Vitek® MS – Developing mass spectrophotometry-based tests for rapid and accurate microbial identification
  • Ulti-Pak – Proprietary custom plate holder and carrier system to ensure chain-of-custody and sample integrity
  • Project Management Program – Your designated point-of-contact partner that tracks all aspects of your test process – from sample collection to interpreting results and reporting
  • Part of Your Team – Consider us your outsourced in-house laboratory support. Like you, we move along with advances in the field, expanding our capacity to solve problems, and be an asset for our clients

Our routine tests include environmental monitoring, water testing, food testing and microbiology testing.