Ulti-Pak Purified Water Testing Kit
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One-of-a-kind, comprehensive kit and service that makes your water testing hassle-free.

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    Water Testing
    Can Really Suck

Water Testing Can Really Suck

Luckily the process has been made simple and hassle free with our Ulti-PakTM Purified Water Testing Kit. View the Slideshow to find out why water testing sucks and what Ultimate Labs can do to help.

One, Two, Three, Complete.


You order, we deliver. Express mail if need be.


Fill the sterilized containers with your sample water for TOC, bioburden and conductivity testing.


Send them back and we'll do the rest!

Confident Results

For your business, for compliance, for patient and public safety — the purity of the water you use has real downstream implications. Ongoing testing is important, but it’s a drain on time and resources.

Ultimate Labs provides a one-of-a-kind service that meets all your USP, ISO, EPA and FDA requirements. Our integrated approach blends the benefits of both in-house and out-sourced testing. You remain in control of the process and your workflow, while our specialized lab handles the complex work, specialized equipment, and compliance documentation.

We take care of the complex work — you remain in control.


We Deliver Certainty With Our Kits, Here’s How:

Complete Compliance
Our business is compliance and we are never behind. Ulti-Pak is up-to-date with the latest regulatory guidelines. Our process, our equipment and your results all come QA reviewed, for easy documentation. There’ll be no downstream surprises when your water quality is checked.

Ongoing Support
We make water testing routine. Nine times out of 10, testing is a straightforward process, but rest assured that should anything out of the ordinary occur, you’ve got the experts on your team. Together we can troubleshoot the best possible solution.

Straightforward Testing
Simple and smart: that’s our secret. With an Ulti-Pak kit, your part in water purity testing is simply filling containers. We’ve worked hard to design an efficient and stress-free solution – it’s smooth sailing from here.

Reliable Reports
Relax; we’ve done these thousands of times. Literally. Your samples are tested and analyzed in an optimized lab that’s fully certified, standardized and specialized. Your report is clear, concise and understandable.

Convenient Delivery
Ordering your Ulti-Pak kit is as easy as ordering lunch. Your water purity testing begins at our Amazon store. You control where, when and how many Ulti-Paks you need shipped. Fast-tracked delivery upon request.

Competitive Pricing
Because we specialize in compliance testing, and operate efficiently, we can pass the savings on to you. Buy in bulk and your costs are even lower. Saving money is good, but getting product compliance and safety right the first time: PRICELESS

From day one, Ultimate Labs has built successful partnerships with a range of laboratories and product manufacturing facilities. Together we can reliably tackle compliance, while ensuring the safety of patients and the public at the end of your supply chain. We believe in water purity with a purpose. Get to know our San Diego-based team.

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